For the love of food and people

Founded by Rania and Raed, a Lebanese Palestinian duo, Loumies is the realization of a long-held dream to share the real foods families enjoy in those cultures in their homes. In our culture, like most, mothers are the source of nourishment for their families. They prepare food that is communal, hearty, filling, made to be shared, and eaten throughout the day, hot, warm, or even cold. That is why their primary food preparation is stew. Stews, whatever they are made of, are abundant, their ingredients are always made from scratch, they are made daily, and always meant to have leftovers. Loumies food follows those traditions of sustenance and sustainability not because it is a good idea but because it is a way of life.

Loumies Culinary Difference

Following the spirit of mothers feeding their families, Loumies aims to follow the same earthly basics combined with modern health knowledge and techniques to prepare those traditional classics. The ingredients are always fresh. Vegetables are roasted when needed. Chicken and meat are baked. Our meat is grass-fed and grass-finished. Both chicken and meat are halal. Nothing is ever fried. No fats or oils are ever used except for high-grade olive oil.

And just as a mother pays attention to both quality and quantity in her cooking, Loumies is equally meticulous about ensuring distinct and memorable flavors. This dedication is exemplified in our choice of the name 'Loumi,' which is the sun-dried lemon, a prevalent seasoning in our region.

Meet Chef Rania

I am Rania, the culinary force behind Loumies, drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean shores of Beirut. My deep-rooted connection to food intertwines with my identity, reflecting a blend of traditional practices and contemporary health knowledge. Through Loumies, I strive to offer a culinary experience that resonates with the nurturing essence of motherhood, focusing on sustainability, health, and purity. Loumies stands as a testimony to tradition, family, and the universal love for homemade meals, rooted in authenticity and warmth, inviting everyone to the table.